i just spent 130€ on T-Shirts… so my new years resolution should be to wear more T-Shirts.

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Gutes Mädchen. Du weißt, wie du uns glücklich machen kannst :D

Etwas muss man ja können XD

Vodka + Red Bull. You know what to do.

Alles für Silvester :D

Gab heute 10% auf Alkohol bei real ;P

i ate far too much today because my sisters kept bringing me food .___.

13°C an Weihnachten? Läuft.

i’m sitting alone in my room singing christmas carols….

so this


is were my company’s christmas party tomorrow is held at.

i’m a bit intimidated .

Anonymous asked: Ich feier dein Icon :D das ist doch Heikkis Hintern oder?

Ja, natürlich :D

the look out of my university this evening was really beuatifuil :’)

the look out of my university this evening was really beuatifuil :’)

while going through my photos to upload i noticed that i really like taking pictures of light, water and the sky ö___ö

attention pls.

so i finally used my time wisely.

i updated my theme and reactivated my photography blog: chaosempire and i made a new sideblog only for F1:upforafreeride 

i will try to keep everything updated and this blog now mostly F1 free :)


can’t believe they used duct tape like don’t they have extra flags they can use lol

I know right? Or at least use white tape to make it look more subtle?? XD

this is indeed very funny, such professional! XD

duct tape strikes again. it’s used for everything XD


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Klar gehen wir da trotzdem hin! XD

Sehr gut XD

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Alonso? XD